MDA Youth Volunteer Saves Classmate

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A boy had a cardiac arrest in school, his classmate, who volunteers at MDA, saved his life

MDA Youth Volunteer Saves Classmate

Guy Alon (17), an MDA youth volunteer in Modi’in, saw that people were gathering during a PE class in his school. He rushed to the spot and saw his classmate, Idan, lying unconscious, without a pulse and not breathing, and the teachers resuscitating him according to instructions from the paramedics in MDA’s 101 Emergency Call Center. Guy immediately ran to fetch the defibrillator held in the school, attached it to Idan while performing chest compressions, gave him an electrical shock – and in doing so saved his life.

Shortly after, Idan regained consciousness and was evacuated in an MDA MICU to the Edmond & Lily Saphra pediatric hospital in the Sheba Medical Center, fully conscious.

On Monday, Guy and Idan were very excited to meet for the first time since the incident. Idan thanked Guy, hugged him and told him: “When I woke up I was in no pain and didn’t understand what had happened. I saw all the commotion around me and was shocked. They told me what had occurred and that you saved me. I owe you my life, I understand that you acted very fast, managed the incident, and that it is thanks to you that I’m here today. I’m lucky that you exist, that you’re my friend and my classmate.

MDA youth volunteer Guy Alon who saved Idan: “I’ve been wanting to come and meet Idan for a while, and it is very exciting to see him on his own two feet, especially since I know what the odds are to completely recover from having a cardiac arrest outside a hospital. Thanks to the teachers who began the chest compressions and the defibrillator that was stationed in school, we were able to provide Idan with an electrical shock which saved his life, this is a true miracle. I am very glad I had the privilege to be there at the right time and implement what I learned in MDA. Anyone can operate a defibrillator, it is a simple act which requires no training and I call on everyone to come to MDA and learn how to provide First Aid.”

Dr. Yoav Bolkier, a senior pediatric cardiologist, pediatric arrhythmia expert in the Edmond and Lily Saphra pediatric hospital in the Sheba Medical Center tells: “Idan arrived when he was already fully conscious after he suffered a life threatening cardiac arrhythmia at school. Fortunately, Idan had the school staff and an MDA youth volunteer by his side, who recognized what needed to be done on-scene, began performing chest compressions and attached the defibrillator on site. The electric shock he received undoubtedly saved his life. At the hospital we continued to provide Idan with advanced medical treatment and I am glad to see him return to his normal life.”

Ironi Gimel School Principal, Dudu Sharabi: “I am thankful for the Modi’in Municipality’s decision to place defibrillators in the schools, a decision that proven to be life-saving. I am very proud of Guy Alon who implemented what he learned in MDA, and thanks to him, and the educational staff who assisted him, the life of a student was saved. This truly moves me.”