Terror Attack in Masmiya Junction

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2 murdered and 4 injured: 2 in serious condition and 2 in moderate condition, in a terror shooting attack near Re’em Masmiya Junction * MDA Paramedic, Ari Rosenstein, who witnessed the incident: I heard shooting and immediately ran to the scene. It was a terrible scene, casualties were on the ground unconscious

Terror Attack in Masmiya Junction

Friday, February 16 at 12:38, calls were received in MDA’s 101 Emergency Call Center about a terrorist who opened fire at people by a bus stop at Masmiya Junction. Large teams of ambulances, MICUs and MDA medicycle unit first responders were immediately dispatched to the scene.

MDA’s EMTs and Paramedics provided medical treatment to 6 casualties and evacuated them to Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot and Asuta Hospital in Ashdod.

2 in critical condition (who were pronounced dead in hospital), 2 in serious condition, 2 in moderate condition.

MDA’s Blood Services provided blood units to the hospitals during the event.

MDA Paramedic Ari Rosenshein who was in the area and ran into the incident: “I was sitting at the entrance to the garage, near the incident, and heard gunfire very close to me. I immediately ran to the terrible scene. I saw a number of casualties lying unconscious near a bus stop. I performed initial checks, and meanwhile asked my wife to run to the car to get the first aid equipment that I have. I called MDA Dispatch to update them, and within a short time, large numbers of ambulances, MICUs and MDA first responders arrived on scene to treat and evacuate the casualties to hospital. Security forces at the scene killed the terrorist.”

MDA Lachish Region Deputy Director Nahum David told of what occurred on scene: “We were rapidly on scene in large numbers, it was a difficult scene, we saw shooting victims some of whom were unconscious, we did an immediate triage. A 20 year old male was unconscious with no pulse or breathing with gunshot injuries, we provided life-saving treatment, tried to fight for his life and evacuated him to hospital while he underwent CPR. Another 20 year male was unconscious, and 16 and 65 year males were conscious with serious penetrating injuries. A 65 year old woman was in moderate condition. A 52 year old escaped the scene and called us from close to Yad Binyamin nearby, we arrived at the scene quickly, he also had a penetrating injury and was evacuated in moderate and stable condition.”

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